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Monmouth - an historic border town
A view of Castle Hill from across the river. The ruined tower to the right of centre is supposed to have been the birthplace of King Henry V, victor at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. 
The 13th century bridge over the River Monow. Entry to the town by this narrow bridge leads to Agincourt Square, site of the Shire Hall. 

The Shire Hall and statues of two famous sons. Above, Henry V and at street level, the Hon. Charles Rolls of Rolls Royce. Rolls here examines a model of a biplane commemorating his 1910 first double flight over the English Channel. Rolls'  mother, Lady Llangattock, was a great admirer of Britain's greatest naval hero, Admiral Nelson. Her collection of Nelson memorobilia is now on display at the town's museum.

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