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Tredegar House and an eccentric Morgan. 


  Evan was the last of the Morgans to live in Tredegar House, the Morgan mansion now owned by the Newport Borough Council. While researching the history of this South Wales dynasty, I came across the picture below and felt obliged to share it with you. The first Viscount, Godfrey Morgan had ridden into "the valley of death" at the Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War but he was succeeded by a nephew, Courtney, who enjoyed less arduous pursuits. Courtney died in 1934 and his son Evan has been called "a great eccentric". He held "wild weekend parties attended by a curious mixture of the famous and the entirely unknown". Evan kept a menagerie of animals at Tredegar and the picture (taken around 1936) shows him at a garden party with his pet parrot "Blue Boy". I find the puzzled expressions of the guests quite amusing. Perhaps one of Evan's guests (Aleister Crowley, a.k.a. The Beast, or even Aldous Huxley, the English writer who liked to "experiment" with mind-altering substances) had taught the parrot to say something untoward!



John Weston


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