Welsh dragon shields in solid oak

Welsh dragon shield in solid oak, made in Wales.Made in Wales

Morgan heraldic shields for sale 

  The Morgan griffin shield - made in Wales. Made in Wales

The black sheriff - his estate in Wales.
Mysterious names from Wales. 
Tracing an American family's roots with the aid of a Welsh bible.

Welsh writer sheds new light on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Thomas Morgan of Monmouthshire, conspirator with Mary, Queen of Scots. 

An architectural landmark in Swansea.
A day in Aberystwyth

First publication of an ancient Welsh pedigree. This is how they did it in the days before genealogy software.

Lady Charlotte Guest translator of The Mabinogion and remarkable woman.


Castles and Abbeys
The first Nonconformist Chapel in Wales 
The South Wales Valleys - industry and legacy 
Welsh slate

An intriguing ruin, near Chepstow in Monmouthshire. 
Medieval gravestones. 
A note on a 13th. century archer.

Pictures from the August 2004 National Eisteddfod.



Notes on some aspects of Welsh history and culture.

Just where is Wales and what is this website all about? This page contains lots of textual links to enable a relatively quick browse of the site content.  Data Wales is written, illustrated and published here in Wales. The aim is to emulate the Parish Magazine (local history and local knowledge) rather than the Glossy Magazine (irrelevant ads and graphics). You will find occasional links to other resources, marked thus: >

Why sing of the Men of Harlech?
The Morris family - Wales and early America.
New light on Valentine Morris & the surrender of the island of St. Vincent.
Pedigrees and coats of arms.
A note on Stackpole in Pembrokeshire.
The history of Wales in a village - Trellech.

 An American visitor to Wales in days of yore.

The Welsh and slavery in America.
A note on the holy wells of Wales.
Beddgelert, ancient tragedy or urban myth? 
Thanks to New York. An historic room restored. 
A link with King Arthur's Britain .
Evan Morgan, Viscount Tredegar - an eccentric aristocrat. 
Welsh surnames - a short note... 
and Mysterious names from Wales.
Names of a platoon in action in 1327.
Place names as surnames.
The Great Orme - Bronze Age copper mining in North Wales. 
Monmouth - pictures. 
Early emigration from Wales, major movements and map of South Wales.
The Welsh in Patagonia.
Made in Blaenavon.
A wartime refugee in Wales .
Did they really wear those hats? A question we are often asked. The answer - yes, but ...

The Data Wales Maps Page
A note on place name pronunciation  with some .wav files.

Notes for visitors - weather, business hours, etc. 
Language, national symbols, currency and statistics ...a summary
Why the dragon
Whence the bards

St. David, the 6th century patron saint of Wales. 
Old Christmas customs.
The princes Llywelyn, a pedigree.
The Arms of Edward I and Llywelyn ap Gruffudd.

School Projects ...notes for busy school children. 
Henry Morgan, a Welsh buccaneer
Madoc - an early visitor to America?
The Badger in Wales.

The Harpers - Wales, U.S.A. and Canada  
The ancient Celts
Celtic Christians on Caldy Island.


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WAAF World War 2

An old woodworking gouge
Sylvester Samuel the watchmaker - his lathe.

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