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A woodworking gouge, once the property of George Fletsher.

The gouge neck is stamped with the maker's mark: "F. G. Pearson, cast steel".  The old trade directories for Sheffield have several entries for edge tool makers with the name Pearson but perhaps the gouge was made by:

Pearson, Fras Geo (Edge tool mfr). Residing at Chapel Yard, Bow St and grocer 9 Coalpit Lane, in 1837. Recorded in: Whites Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham - 1837.

Perhaps this was the person responsible for the founding of:

Pearson & Co., F. G. (Manufacturers of steel, edge tools, saws, files, agricultural forks, coke forks, augers, joiners' tools, carvers' tools &c. & merchants). Residing at Hope Works, Furnace Hill, Sheffield in 1905. Recorded in: White's directory of Sheffield & Rotherham.

The gouge in question does not carry the "Co." title and bearing in mind its style and condition we might assume that it was made in the 19th century.

the gouge of George Fletsher

The original owner's name, George Fletsher, (a variant of Fletcher - an arrow maker) is neatly stamped on the octagonal gouge handle which seems to be made from beech wood. Some letters are partially obscured by scratches to the handle but the name remains readable.

The 1841 census for England lists two Fletshers both with the forename George and hailing from Cheshire. The younger, born about 1827 would be a good candidate for ownership of the tool.

George Fletsher stamp on tool handle


 John Weston, 2013

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