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Celtic appearance

We know from ancient writers and the evidence of portraits like the one above that the Celts wore their hair long and that men grew beards and moustaches. 
Roman stone reliefs show Celts  wearing  tunics or tabard style garments made of animal skins. Farmers are depicted wearing a knee length hooded cloak. The statue below is that of a Celtic warrior clad in a tunic of animal skins. 

In war, the Celts used the sword and the spear. They carried an oval shield and their armies often made use of light chariots. They are known to have used a particular style of war trumpet, an instrument which curved upward from the mouthpiece and terminated several feet above the user's head. The harsh sounds issued from the mouth of a grotesque animal head design fixed at the top. 

Little is know about the clothing of Celtic women since they do not appear in Roman carving which typically features Celtic prisoners taken in battle. 

The Celts 

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