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The pronunciation of Welsh place names.
The visitor to Wales cannot fail to be puzzled by many of the place names. Most areas of Wales have names derived from the ancient Welsh language and pronunciation can be seem baffling. We present here a few hints which might help if you ever find yourself  asking for directions. The place names below are linked to .wav files and with a bit of luck (and a relatively modern browser) if you click on them, a little audio player window will open and a quiet voice will pronounce the words. Thanks to Luke Sanderson of Chepstow (and anonymous female collaborator)  for the recordings. The original files were supplied in CD quality sound but we have changed the format to 8 bit mono in order to keep the file sizes low. You could download the files to play them when off-line. 

Bwlch.wav  Tonyrefail.wav  Llwynypia.wav  Llanrwst.wav Caernarfon.wav 

Visitors to Wales will see many place names which start with "Llan". This prefix is nowadays taken as meaning "Church of" and Llanbedr thus means "Church of St. Peter". The "Ll" sound is one of the most difficult for non-Welsh speakers to master. T. J. Morgan and Prys Morgan in their Welsh Surnames offer the following guidance: "The tongue is held in the l position and breath is forced out between the side of the tongue and the upper teeth ...". 

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